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Meter Reading

Our Automated Meter Reading System:

We began installing automated meter reading (AMR) devices to our customers' natural gas meters in November, 2010. The majority of our customers now have meters with automated reading. 

The new AMR system enables us to streamline our meter reading process and eliminate the need for us to access your property each month to read your natural gas meter.  

Some common question about automated meter reading:

  • How Does AMR Work?
    Implementing AMR systems involves attaching a small device (ERT) to a natural gas meter to record consumption, encode the information, and then transmit the information to remote data collectors. Some AMR technologies use cable or telephone lines to send the data, and other—such as the one we are installing—use radio frequencies.
  • What is an ERT?
    ERT is an acronym for Encoder Receiver Transmitter. An ERT is a computerized measuring and encoding device with a built in radio transmitter. The ERT records usage, encodes the information, and then transmits the information to a data collection device using low-level radio frequency.
  • How does AMR technology benefit customers?
    Accuracy. AMR technology eliminates the need to send a meter reader to your property every month to read your meter and will increase your privacy and will ensure that you receive an accurate bill each month.
  • Will the AMR system interfere with TV, radio, personal computers, and home security systems, garage openers, pacemakers or other electronic equipment?
    No. The system operates at a low-power frequency reserved for this purpose and will not interfere with other electronic equipment.
  • Are there any health hazards associated with AMR technology?
    No. The equipment is designed to operate at a very low level which is comparable to electromagnetic fields that are already present in the environment. All equipment has been designed to operate within Measurements Canada Standards.
  • Will I need to (or can I) ever read my own meter?
    An AMR device should eliminate the need for us to contact you to obtain a read of your natural gas meter should it be inaccessible. However, the dials will still be visible so you will have the ability to read your own meter should it be necessary.