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Your Payment Options

Ways to Pay Your Monthly Natural Gas Bill:

  • You may pay your bill through your Financial Institution in one of the following ways:

  1. At your local branch
  2. Automated Banking Machine*
  3. Online Banking*
  4. Telephone  Banking*

  • You may stop in to pay us directly (by cheque, cash or debit) or send your payment to:

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick
440 Wilsey Rd, Suite 101
Fredericton, NB
E3B 7G5

  • For instant online access to your account information and monthly bills, go to myEGNB>>

* You will need to add Enbridge Gas New Brunswick as a payee. Consult your bill for your account number.

For More Information

If you have any questions about your bill payment, please contact 1-800-994-2762 and a trusted Customer Service Representative will be happy to help you.


The New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) is empowered under the Gas Distribution Act, 1999, with the responsibility of regulating the natural gas industry in New Brunswick. This responsibility includes approval of applications for rates and tariffs (as well as pipeline construction and gas marketer's certificates).  

In accordance with the Gas Distribution Act, Enbridge Gas New Brunswick Handbook of Rates and Distribution Services (pdf) defines the various natural gas rate classes, associated rates and the scope and application of certain policies relating to our distribution system in New Brunswick.