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Residential Equipment Protection Plans

Our Residential Protection Plans provide peace of mind you can count on. They protect you from the high costs and inconvenience of unexpected problems with your natural gas system. If there is ever a problem, we’re right here to serve you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Heating Protection Plan: You can get a Heating Protection Plan for your natural gas furnace, boiler, combination boiler or fireplace.
  • Water Heater Protection Plan: If you purchase a Heating Plan, you can easily add additional protection for your natural gas water heater (indirect, tank-type, or tankless). 

Comprehensive CoverageDiagnosis, repair, replacement of parts and adjustments are absolutely free for items covered by your plan*. You pay only the cost of the plan. That’s it.

Annual MaintenanceA well maintained system runs more efficiently and can increase the life expectancy of your equipment. Included in your plan is an annual equipment check.* Every year our expert technicians will thoroughly clean and inspect your equipment to ensure it is working as efficiently as possible.

Safety AssuredOur Residential Protection Plans not only ensures efficiency; it also ensures safety. Our expert technicians will make sure your equipment is operating as safely as possible, so that you have peace of mind all year round.

Heating Protection Plan*
Furnace $17.75 per month plus HST
Boiler $22.25 per month plus HST
Combination Boiler (includes air handler) $25.95 per month plus HST
Fireplace (serviced during regular business hours only) $14.95 per month plus HST
Water Heater Protection Plan* (must be currently enrolled in a Heating Protection Plan)
Indirect Fired Water Heater $5.25  per month plus HST
Tank Type Water Heater $7.45 per month plus HST
Tankless Water Heater $12.75 per month plus HST

SavingsWithout a Protection Plan to back you up, equipment repairs can be very expensive. A Protection Plan can save you a lot of money.

Heating Protection Plan:
Parts & Labour Costs with PlanWithout Plan
Furnace Ventor Motor$0$531
Annual Maintenance   $0$129
Water Heater Protection Plan
Parts & LabourCosts with Plan   Without Plan
Gas Valve$0$449
Blower Motor$0$421
Are You Eligible?

A Heating Protection Plan is available to residential customers currently heating with one of the following natural gas appliances (must be under 400,000 BTU’s): furnace, boiler, or combination boiler. Fireplace coverage is available for units fewer than 50,000 BTU’s and under 10 years of age at time of enrollment.

A Water Heater Protection Plan is available only if you are currently enrolled in a Heating Protection Plan.*

EnrollSign up for a Residential Protection Plan today. It’s easy and there is no pre-enrollment inspection required. Your coverage will begin 10 days from the date you sign up.

To sign up, fill out the Residential Protection Plan form

Questions? Call 1-800-994-2762.

* Subject to the Residential Protection Plan Terms and Conditions.

protecting your family

Residential Protection Plans- very small, but very smart investments.