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Distribution Charge

The cost of using Enbridge Gas New Brunswick’s distribution network to have natural gas delivered to you includes features such as: customer charge, demand charge, and various types of delivery rate blocks. Your rates depend on which rate class you fit into.

According to the new Rates and Tariffs Regulation for the Gas Distribution Act, 1999, Enbridge Gas New Brunswick is mandated to use a “cost of service method” or apply the “market-based rate method,” whichever is lower, for determining rates and tariffs.

  •  “Cost of service” means the method of determining rates based on the cost of providing distribution services to our customers.
  •  “Market based” means the method of determining rates based on calculating target annual savings compared to electricity.

How long will the current distribution rates and tariffs be in place?

  • Under a cost of service model, distribution rates (for all classes) would typically be reviewed and set on an annual basis.  The application process currently in place would remain unchanged and EGNB would be required to submit an application to the EUB for any proposed rate changes.

What are the current Distribution Rates & Tariffs?

Over the last 13 years, Enbridge Gas New Brunswick has consistently brought savings to its customers.



Regulation of the Rates 

The New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) is empowered under the Gas Distribution Act, 1999, with the responsibility of regulating the natural gas industry in New Brunswick. This responsibility includes approval of applications for rates and tariffs (as well as pipeline construction and gas marketer's certificates).  

In accordance with the Gas Distribution Act,Enbridge Gas New Brunswick Handbook of Rates and Distribution Services(pdf) defines the various natural gas rate classes, associated rates and the scope and application of certain policies relating to our distribution system in New Brunswick.