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If you find suddenly that your natural gas furnace is not working, you may be able to solve the problem yourself and avoid a possible service charge by taking these steps before calling.

Forced Warm Air Furnace

Consistent  Warmth Throughout the Home

Home heating with a high efficiency natural gas forced air furnace offers the home-owner the ability to provide consistent comfort throughout the home in all seasons while maximizing their energy dollar. Whether a single-speed/single-stage basic model or a variable-speed/multi-stage premium version, natural gas condensing furnaces combine energy savings with outstanding home comfort. And, as with all natural gas appliances, you never have to remember to call for fuel refills since natural gas is always at your home or business regardless of the weather or road conditions.

Modern high efficiency condensing furnaces incorporate additional heat-transfer surfaces to extract the most heat possible from the natural gas, allowing less than 4% - 7% (depending on the model) to be lost out the venting. So much heat is extracted from the natural gas for use inside the home that condensing furnaces are vented with approved plastic venting systems – either through a sidewall or vertically through the roof or a chimney cavity. Furnaces with two-stage firing enables the unit to operate in low-fire mode for most of the season, ramping up to high-fire only in the coldest of temperatures. In addition, advanced motor design (ECM motors) reduces the electricity used by the blower motor by up to 70% compared to a conventional motor, allowing continuous low-speed fan operation to circulate the air in the home, and higher speed operation to distribute the heat when the furnace is firing.

Home Comfort Add-Ons

Combine the energy efficiency of a natural gas forced air furnace with other home comfort system add-ons to provide superior all-season conditions for you and your family;

  • Central Air Conditioning offers you the ability to keep your home cool during the hottest of days, and in the process of cooling dehumidify the air to maintain optimum humidity levels inside your home – and take away that continual damp feeling during the height of the summer season.
  • Humidifiers provide a cost-effective way to maintain optimum humidity levels inside your home during the winter when outside relative humidity drops to near desert-like conditions.
  • Electronic Air Cleaners offer excellent air cleaning capabilities, reducing air-borne contaminant levels for a more comfortable indoor experience.
  • HEPA filters take air cleaning to a higher level for those households where air quality is a high priority.