At Enbridge, we are extremely proud of the work we do. For generations, Enbridge has made a meaningful difference in the way people are able to live their lives. And every day, in important ways, people count on us to make their lives better. We are looking ahead with confidence and purpose - connecting people to the energy they need to fuel their quality of life.

You are a modern consumer. You run a modern business. You keep a modern household. We see your energy needs and understand what it takes to enable your life. Our promise is simple: to give you the energy to live, cook, clean, swim, shower, produce, work, play and be who you are. We provide a natural energy source for your residential being and your business life.

Raise your family in a home fueled by natural gas. Create moments with your family. Take your life to the next level.

Build an empire with a business that runs efficiently on natural gas. Inspire your community. Promote a greener tomorrow. Bring your company into the future.

By empowering modern life, we can make life better for our friends, our families, and the people we serve across the greatest province in Canada. EGNB is you and together we are New Brunswick.