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Havelock Public Information Program

The route extends for 8.2 kilometres along Highway 880, starting at the corner of Samp Hill Road and Highway 880 in Lower Ridge. It then proceeds Easterly along Highway 880 into Havelock, ending at the corner of Back Street and Highway 880.

The distribution system will be owned and operated by Liberty Utilities and will carry natural gas to residential, commercial and industrial customers in Havelock by way of an environmentally responsible and economically feasible route. The preferred gas line route is to be installed within provincial road allowances and the installation of additional gas main will take place as demand necessitates, possibly starting in 2021.

If you have any questions please contact Dave Trottier, Senior Analyst – Project Manager, Planning and Technical Services at Liberty Utilities at 1-888-642-2020 ext. 7765, by email david.trottier@libertyutilities.com or by completing the online form

If you have questions or comments for the New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board, they are located at 15 Market Square, Suite 1400, Saint John, NB E2L 4YB and can be reached by phone at 1-866-766-2782, by fax at 643-7300, or by email at general@nbeub.ca.     

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