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A Q&A with Hill Bros.

Enbridge marketing assistant Garett Gee caught up with one of our earliest natural gas customers – Darren Hill of Hill Bros.! Hill Bros. is a third generation land developer focused on residential, commercial and recreational projects, with an emphasis on low environmental impact and energy efficient, healthy housing. Mr. Hill says natural gas has a part to play.

Garett: What is your role at Hill Bros.?

Darren Hill: "Vice President & General Manager of Operations."

G: How long has Hill Bros. been using natural gas?

DH: "Since Enbridge came to market!" (Editor's note: 1998)

G: How is natural gas incorporated into Hill Bros. homes?

DH: "Often for the primary heat source, domestic hot water, barbeque and various types of direct-vent fireplaces. Sometimes it’s used for cook top ranges and clothes dryers."

G: What do you enjoy about natural gas?

DH: "First, my barbeque! Then, the fact that it’s the cleanest fossil combustion available. Also, the uninterrupted service, and the advanced condensing furnaces & hot water units available for homes."

G: Tell us about a project you have on the go that involves natural gas.

DH: "The Bobak Subdivision is a neighbourhood of single family and semi-detached housing being built next to the West Hills Golf Course by Hill Bros. This project is the only Net Zero-ready community in Fredericton, and the first Net Zero-ready homes being built with natural gas in New Brunswick. The homes use a high-efficiency modulating natural gas furnace paired with an air source heat pump for heating and cooling, and a high efficiency natural gas tankless water heater for domestic hot water. Most of the homes also take advantage of natural gas for their cooking needs with range and BBQ hook ups."

A huge thanks to Mr. Hill for taking the time to speak with Garett! Keep an eye out for future natural gas customer profiles from Enbridge.