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It’s cold out there.

The energy bills you receive in January and February are typically the biggest of the year —
Here’s what you can do to manage through:

1. Understand your energy consumption

2. Understand the breakdown of your natural gas bill

3. Choose the right natural gas supplier for your needs

4. Sign up for the Equalized Payment Plan

5. Know that you're still saving

Take a look at the consumption graph on your natural gas bill. To give you an idea of how your consumption compares to others, typical homeowners consume just over 14 GJ in January and just over 16 GJ in February, for home heating and hot water.  What the heck is a GJ? One GJ (or gigajoule) is equal to 277 KWh of electricity or 26 L of oil! Read more.


The cost of distributing natural gas to you is separated from the natural gas itself, called “supply” or “commodity.” Distribution rates and charges are set annually and are approved by the New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board. The natural gas supplyis priced like any other commodity, such as gasoline,  in that it can fluctuate throughout the year.  Read more.


You either have Enbridge Utility Gas or you’ve signed a contract for natural gas supply you use with a licensed gas marketer.  Check your bill if you’re unsure. Natural gas supply can be priced in a variety of ways, including market-based, managed price and fixed price. As a natural gas consumer, you have a choice.  Make sure you have a product that’s right for you. Visit nbeub.ca or naturalgasnb.com for more information. Read more.


Spread out your natural gas costs over the entire year so you pay the same amount each month rather than strain your cash flow at this time of year. Register TODAY! 


Take the Deans’ word for it! The Dean family has saved $2,924 in the last 3 years using natural gas for heat and hot water instead of electricity. Check out their story!  

Questions on how to lower your natural gas bill? We're here to help! Reach us at info@naturalgas.ca and 1-800-994-2762.