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Preventing Damages Before It Happens

Customer care, operations, finance. These commonly known departments can be found in many different organizations across many different industries. But did you know Liberty has an entire department dedicated to preventing damages to our natural gas distribution system? One of the ways we do this is through educating the public about safe digging practices.

Whether it’s a mailbox post, a fence, or even shrubbery, digging without knowing if there are underground wires or pipes is never a good idea. Damaging underground utilities is not only dangerous, but it can cause interruption of services to you and your neighbors and can be expensive to repair.

So how do property owners dig with confidence? By visiting www.clickbeforeyoudig.com or by calling 1-866-344-5463 Click Before You Dig is an organization that serves as a communication link between anyone who wants to dig and the utility companies that have buried lines.

Between public educators, the municipalities in which Liberty serves, and our highly trained personnel, Liberty is able you protect our system from damage.