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Saving Energy In The Summer

We know summer is a time for typically lower energy bills, but there is more that each of us can do to further minimize our energy use. It’s not fun to be torn between cooling your home and breaking the bank to run air conditioning constantly. You’ll be happy to know it’s possible to be saving on energy and that it can be easy. With these helpful tips we can lower our carbon footprint and live more sustainable lives all while staying cooler.


Block The Sunlight

Blocking out natural sunlight is a great way to reduce heat entering the home from outside. The use of screens and blinds on windows is a simple way to block out sunlight and heat. Make sure when you leave the house they are down to keep the house cooler for when you return. If you have a green thumb try growing leafy plants that will also help minimize light pollution.

Buy an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

A more efficient air conditioner will keep temperatures lower inside your home as well as knock down your energy consumption with its increased efficiency. These are a great investment that will pay itself off over time.

Cut Down On Energy Leaks

Try to unplug as many electronics and appliances that are not being used to reduce the amount of phantom power used that electronics can use up.

Turn Off Lights When Not Needed

Simply turning off the lights when they’re not needed to be on will save more energy, as well as switching to long lasting energy efficient lightbulbs.

Ask Your Power Company To Perform An Energy Audit

Your local power utility may give free energy audits, these are very useful and worth looking into. The audit is an analysis of how energy flows within your building and could provide insight into specific ways your home can conserve energy. Your power company may also provide incentive programs for making your home more energy efficient. NB Power offers residential and business incentives you can find here.