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Why we love the United Way

All over New Brunswick, people are struggling with many issues, including disability, domestic violence and mental health issues.  The United Way is a charitable organization that improves lives locally by moving people from poverty to possibility, building strong and healthy communities and helping kids be all they can be.  The United Way lends a helping hand to the less fortunate by giving them access to safe, affordable housing/ emergency centers and by giving them access to affordable, nutritious food and food banks.  They also give kids the tools they need to succeed in life by helping them succeed in school.  Some of the programs they offer for the children include mentorship and tutoring programs to help them succeed in class and after-school team-building recreational programs and summer camps outside of school.

How amazing is that?

Each year, the United Way holds a “Day of Caring.” Its goal is to mobilize teams of corporate employees as volunteers, to complete meaningful, hands-on projects that will greatly assist local non-profit agencies across the region.

This year’s Day of Caring (May 25th, 2018) in Fredericton was awesome.  A proud team of Enbridge employees rolled up their sleeves to volunteer for the day at the Iris Center for mindfulness, peace and healing.  The morning started off with Dr. Cook explaining to us what he does which is he holds Mindbody Medicine & Mindfulness Programs where he heals his patients through meditation and mindfulness exercises.  Our mission was to transform some of outdoor space into some serene areas for healing.

One group started off weeding and lying some mulch down on the beautiful labyrinth maze and the other group worked in the yoga area leveling out the rock and lying carpet and mats down. After that we set down black carpet over an underground wire and covered with mulch so that the location of the line is easily identifiable.  Finally we all worked together to clear the in-woods paths of debris and damaged trees from the flood.  After a full days’ worth of hard work, we all sat down at the picnic table for some coffee and snacks before we headed down to Picaroons Brewery for the wrap-up barbeque for all Day of Caring volunteers.

We love the united Way for its work in the community and for the opportunity to be a part of the cause in a real hands-on way.

Now, with the United Way Day of Caring in Moncton coming up on the 8th of June, 2018, we are very excited to volunteer another day in our community.

Nicholas Brown
Marketing & Communications Assistant