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Appliances and Equipment

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Conversion Burners

Many large commercial oil-fired boilers can be converted to natural gas by replacing the oil burner with a natural gas conversion burner. This is usually the most cost-effective way to switch to natural gas, provided that your existing boiler is in good condition.

Sidewall-Vented Appliances

These appliances use a mechanical fan to vent vertically and horizontally, which provides the flexibility needed when replacing electric equipment that is located in the interior of a building. They are available in both mid-efficiency and high-efficiency models.

Infrared Gas Heaters

Does your business have a large area to heat that is also frequently exposed to the outdoors? Infrared gas heating may be the solution for you. Infrared heating works on the principle of radiant heating. It acts like the sun’s rays to heat the floor below. Re-radiation of the floor then warms people and material directly. Infrared heaters are fuelled by natural gas and due to their high-energy efficiency, require less natural gas than other units. Popular commercial applications include: automotive repair and auto body shops; warehouses; parking garages and driveway ramps; arenas and sports halls; and greenhouses.

Make-Up Air Units

Make-up air units are essential to a building’s mechanical operation and to the health and comfort of its occupants. By providing a controlled quantity of clean, conditioned ventilation to common areas of the building, they:

  • Reduce drafts, dust and dirt entering the building.
  • Replace exhaust air expelled through kitchen and bathroom fans.
  • Reduce odours.

Through-the-Wall Combo Heating and Cooling

Over two million of these space-conditioned units have been installed across North America. Self-contained, pre-wired and pre-charged, they are easy to install and fit neatly into a small closet. Air distribution is provided through a duct system. The heating section consists of an aluminized steel heat exchanger and an electronic spark-ignited burner system. A power vent fan exhausts combustion gases directly outside, and combustion air is drawn from outside directly into the combustion chamber. The cooling system is mounted on a slide-out chassis for easy service and maintenance. The unit is available in a range of sizes with heating inputs from 26,000 to 64,000 BTU/hr and nominal cooling capacities from one to 2.5 tons.

Wall Mount Boilers

These boilers are designed to complement living space and therefore do not require a separate enclosure or closet. They have capacities similar to conventional compact boilers. The direct-vent version is typically most suited to multi-residential applications, as exhaust gas can be vented directly through the sidewall. Direct vent units are usually installed no more than six feet from an exterior wall.

Water Boilers

Gas Booster Water Heaters

Spotless dishes, sparkling glasses and gleaming flatware boost customer satisfaction in restaurants. The health code requires that properly cleaned tableware be pre-washed, washed, rinsed, sanitized (at no less than 82 degrees Celsius for a minimum of 10 seconds per cycle) and dried. A natural gas booster water heater:

  • Provides high-temperature sanitation while using less energy.
  • Reduces drying time by 25%, helping eliminate spots and watermarks.
  • Eliminates the need to add chemical disinfectants – making its use environmentally friendly.