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  • Regular maintenance: Preventative maintenance performed by skilled technicians can extend the service life of your appliances and ensure your equipment is working at its most efficient level
  • Timers/programmable thermostats: Installing timers or programmable thermostats to reduce heat when your building is unoccupied can conserve energy
  • Adjust temperature accordingly: Everyone’s comfort zone is different. Keep your employees happy and reduce your energy usage by regulating temperatures and making certain areas in the building cooler
  • Get rid of circulation obstacles: If your business uses a forced-air system, eliminating obstacles within the ducts and registers allows air to circulate freely without blockage
  • Feel the heat: If your business uses a hot-water heating system, look for hot spots along the boiler wall. These hot spots indicate that you’re losing heat. And while you’re at it, check the pumps and valves for any leakage
  • Out with the old: Replace your old heating equipment with newer more efficient models to save energy and money

When it comes to water heating you can also save big. Try these efficiency tips and minimize your energy consumption.

  • Insulate your building’s hot water pipes
  • Lower hot water temperature and add flow restrictions
  • Replace old water heaters with more efficient models
  • Have a technician come in 1-2 times yearly to perform routine maintenance on your equipment

Your building itself can also play a big role in how you business operates more efficiently.

  • Garage doors: Ensure the mechanisms on the doors open and close quickly to allow less hot air to escape. If the building’s garage doors must remain open for long periods of time for loading and unloading, add strip curtains or sealing pads between the building and the vehicle port to decrease the transfer of air
  • Make good use of insulation and caulking: A poorly insulated building is a building that costs more to operate. Also, ensure that weather-stripping and air-tightness between doors and window frames are in good condition