Gas Supply Price Update

So how does the TOTAL cost of natural gas compare to electricity? And to oil and propane?

The total cost for September 2019 is $20.97 per GJ for residential customers.

Let’s do an apples-to-apples comparison by comparing the alternatives for September by taking the current Enbridge Utility Gas price and the current delivery rate and seeing what they would equal in Kilowatt hours and liters of oil/ propane:

  • Compared to electricity: natural gas is $0.075 per kWh (NB Power Rate is $0.1091)
  • Compared to oil: natural gas is $0.81 per liter (Natural Resources Canada average is $0.99)
  • Compared to propane: natural gas is $0.53 per litre of propane (Estimated market average is $0.80)

At the end of the day, the natural gas costs less the alternatives.

Click here for  EUG Historical Pricing .

Note: If you choose to buy natural gas, you can make a difference when managing your energy bill. Here is the list of natural gas suppliers and marketers in New Brunswick .