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Liberty Utility Gas

Liberty Utility Gas is a "balanced or managed price" offering stable and competitive pricing.

Choosing Liberty Utility Gas provides several benefits:

  • Simplicity: Just call 1-800-994-2762
  • Transparency:  Liberty Utility Gas prices and conditions are easily accessible. All customers in the same class rate pay the same price.
  • Competitive Pricing: Liberty is buying gas at the same price. We do not profit from the sale of natural gas. Anytime we are able to get better prices, you benefit!
  • Stable Pricing: We understand the importance of being able to plan your energy costs. We provide increased price stability for the price of 12-month period. This removes the traditional spread between winter and summer prices. We are looking at the current rate of supply as we go. Liberty also takes steps to price volatility.
  • Peace of Mind: You get peace of mind of knowing that you are buying your natural gas from your regulated utility. 

The terms and conditions under which you buy natural gas can vary greatly. If you select Liberty as your natural gas provider, our Distribution Service Terms and Conditions will apply.

Utility Gas Rate History

The Liberty Utility Gas rate for the current month may change monthly, however it is also the forecast for the following 12 months based on conditions at this time. Below is a history of the Utility Gas Rate dating back to 2016.


  2024 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016
January 6.83 12.18 9.30 6.95


13.38 8.95 8.45 10.99
February 7.54 11.27 10.07 6.95 9.54 13.38 11.20 8.87 10.72
March 6.85 9.87 10.87 7.47 8.51 13.38 11.20 8.87 9.87
April 6.60 9.87 10.87 7.16 8.51 12.92 10.49 8.52 8.63
May 6.60 8.93 12.44 7.16 8.25 11.95 10.49 8.52 8.10
June 6.32 9.81 13.69 7.16 8.25 11.95 10.49 8.52 8.10
July 6.59 9.81 13.69 7.16 8.25 10.95 10.49 8.95 8.10
August   8.97 13.08 7.99 7.92 10.95 10.49 8.95 8.10
September   8.97 15.11 8.54 7.92 10.95 10.49 8.95 8.10
October    8.97 15.11 8.99 7.92 10.95 10.49 8.95 8.10
November   8.97 12.69 9.62 7.92 10.46 11.94 8.95 8.73
December   8.97 12.18 9.62 7.31 10.46 11.94 8.95 8.45

For a history of the Utility Gas montly rate, from May 2003 to 2022, please click here.

Terms and Conditions of Liberty Utilities Gas Supply Service

  1. Interpretation
    1. Capitalized terms used herein that are not otherwise defined shall-have the meanings set out in Appendix A of the Liberty Utilities Distribution Service Terms and Conditions (the " DS Terms and Conditions ") which can either be found at naturalgasnb.com or obtained from Liberty Utilities upon request.
    2. Your Liberty Utilities Gas contract ("LUG Contract") includes these Terms and Conditions and the documents referenced in Article 9.
  2. Purchase and Sale
    1. Subject to the provisions of your LUG Contract, you shall purchase gas delivered by Liberty Utilities to the Terminal Location and Liberty Utilities shall deliver and sell such gas to you.
    2. You agree that (other than during periods of curtailment or discontinuance of service pursuant to an order of Liberty Utilities or an authorized governmental agency or Event of Force Majeure) you shall use, at the Terminal Location, gas purchased hereunder to satisfy your gas requirements. 
    3. All gas used by you at the Terminal Location during the term of your LUG Contract shall be purchased from Liberty Utilities.
    4. You hereby confirm that you are not currently under contract to purchase gas from any other party ("Gas Marketer"), nor is any Gas Marketer currently appointed as your agent to purchase gas for you. If a Gas Marketer claims, or Liberty Utilities' records show, that there  is a Gas Marketer 's appointment in effect, Liberty Utilities shall notify you and Liberty Utilities will be entitled to terminate its obligations under your LUG Contract.
  3. Term and Renewal
    1. The initial term of your LUG Contract will begin on the date provided by Liberty Utilities, and will be determined by the Member State. ) terminate on the first March 31st following its beginning and any renewal term March 31st. Liberty Utilities shall provide you with more options
    2. Unless you notify Liberty Utilties, in writing, (a) in the case of Contract General Service and Industrial Contract General Service customers at least 90 days; and (b) in the case of all other customers at least 30 days, before the initial term or any renewal term of your LUG Contract expires that you do not wish to renew, it will, at Liberty Utilities's option, automatically renew for a further one year period on the same terms.
    3. Your Liberty Utilities Contract shall also terminate on the earliest of: (a) the date on which it is terminated in accordance with its provisions; (b) the date gas supply and/or delivery is discontinued by LUG for any of the reasons provided for in the Handbook; and (c) the date fixed by, or determined from, any Order of the Board as the date for its termination or expiration.
  4. Price
    1. You shall pay for gas delivered to you under your LUG Contract (a) such amounts as are calculated by Liberty Utilities forecasting the average price of gas for the following 12 months, which price shall be based upon the cost to Liberty Utilities of purchasing gas and of selling gas to customers; the difference between the estimated cost of purchasing and selling gas and the actual cost of purchasing and selling gas for a month shall be included in the forecasted price of gas for the 12 month period that follows the month in which the difference is determined; (b) the distribution rates and charges payable under the Applicable Rate and appropriate Rate Schedule (which rates and charges are approved by the Board from time to time) under the DS Terms and Conditions; (c) such other charges as may be payable under your LUG Contract; and (d) all applicable taxes and similar charges.
    2. Failure to pay amounts due will result in interest on the unpaid portion being charged in the manner approved by the Board for overdue distribution service accounts.
  5. Credit Requirements
    1. Credit requirements of Liberty Utilities must be satisfied from time to time. Liberty Utilities shall advise you of Liberty Utilities' credit requirements, if any.
  6. Delivery, Possession and Title
    1. Liberty Utilities warrants that it has the authority to sell all gas delivered to you hereunder. Except as specifically provided herein, Liberty Utilities makes no further warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
  7. Default
    1. Either party to your LUG Contract shall be in default if the party (a) defaults in the payment of any amount due and such default continues unremedied for 5 days following written notice thereof; or (b) fails to perform or observe any of its obligations and such default continues unremedied for 15 days following written notice thereof.
    2. Upon the occurrence of a default, the non-defaulting party may (a) terminate your LUG Contract; (b) bring any action at law as may be necessary or advisable in order to recover damages or costs; or (c) exercise any of its other rights and remedies provided or otherwise available to it and where Liberty Utilities is the non-defaulting party, it shall have the additional right to suspend further sales of gas until such default has been corrected.
  8. Limitation of Liability
    1. In no event shall Liberty Utilities be liable to you for any consequential, incidental, special or punitive damages whatsoever, including without limitation any loss of earnings, profits or goodwill, howsoever arising.
  9. Handbook/DS Terms and Conditions
    1. The Handbook, including the Rate Schedules, as may be revised by Liberty Utilities and approved by the Board from time to time, which may be found here or obtained directly from Liberty Utilities, forms part of your LUG Contract. Each of Liberty Utilities and you shall have the rights and obligations which such party is contemplated to have in the Handbook if it was construed as though references therein to “Applicant” or “Customer” were to you and references to “Company” were to Liberty Utilities.
    2. On the occurrence of a default, the non-defaulting party may terminate your LUG Contract; (b) bring any action at law or may be necessary or (c) the non-defaulting party, it shall be further corrected.

Effective Date: April 1, 2007.

PDF versions: Liberty Utility Gas Terms and Conditions , The Interpretation Terms and Conditions