Understand my Bill

1. Due date

Due date for payment.

2. Meter readings

Used for billing purposes.

3. Volume of gas consumed

In cubic metres or centa-cubic feet, based on the meter reading.

4. Gigajoule conversion factor

Used to convert your gas consumption to Gigajoules.

5. Natural gas consumption chart

Current year vs. previous year consumption.

6. Equalized Payment Plan information

Includes balance and monthly charge.

7. EPP balance

Difference between EPP payment requested to date and the actual charge to date. This amount is your credit or charge to date for your settlement month.

8. Pre-authorized payment

Reminder that you are signed up for the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan.

9. Payment return slip

For information on payment options.

10. Rate class

Your current rate class. See the back of your bill for a full explanation.

11. Current natural gas charges

For the current billing period.

12. Customer charge

A monthly fixed charge to cover costs such as a meter reading, pipeline maintenance, customer support services and 24-hour emergency service.

13. Delivery charge

The charge for the distribution of natural gas through our pipeline to your property.

14. Commodity charge

The cost of the natural gas supply that you use. If you have a contract with a Gas Marketer other than Enbridge Gas New Brunswick, you may be billed separately for your supply.

15. Other charges

Such as finance plans and service charges.

16. Total amount due

Includes any previously unpaid charges.

17. Late payment charge

A late payment charge of 1.5% will be applied if received after due date.