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How To Read Your Utility Bill

Whether you receive your bill in the mail or electronically, it contains important information about the energy you use. Click here to learn about the charges, rates and other useful information included with each bill.

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Your Natural Gas Bill Explained:

Glossary of Terms

  • Commodity Charge – A $/GJ charge for the natural gas supply that you use. You may have Liberty Utilities supply your gas or you may have a signed contract with an independent licensed Natural Gas Marketer.
  • Cubic Metres (m3) or Centa-cubic Feet (CCF) – Unit used to measure the volume of gas you consumed, displayed on your meter.
  • Customer Charge – A monthly charge for meter readings, pipeline maintenance, customer support and 24-hour emergency services. (Applicable to all rate classes, except CGS.)
  • Demand Charge – A $/GJ charge applicable only to customers in the CGS and ICGS rate classes who enter into an agreement to consume a minimum amount of natural gas every day.
  • Delivery Charge –  A $/GJ charge for the distribution of natural gas through our pipeline to your property.
  • Gigajoule (GJ) - A metric energy measure. Cubic metres (or centa-cubic feet) are converted to Gigajoules (GJ) for your natural gas bill. One GJ of natural gas equals approximately 26 litres of fuel oil, 40 litres of propane or 278 kilowatt hours of electricity.
  • NB Tax on Carbon Emitting Products - New Brunswick carbon tax for natural gas and the amount of natural gas you used. For more information visit the Government of New Brunswick website at www.gnb.ca.
  • Provincial Investment in Distribution System - Credit equal to the amount of the NB tax on carbon emitting products.
  • Rate Class – Customers are grouped into rate classes, each with a different set of rates and charges.

Rate Classes

  • SGS Small General Service
  • MGS Mid-General Service
  • LGS Large General Service
  • CGS Contract General Service
  • ICGS Industrial Contract General Service
  • OPS Off-Peak Service

Your Consumption

Your meter will measure the volume of natural gas delivered to your property. Your current meter reading (or estimate), minus your previous meter reading equals your volume of gas consumed in cubic metres (or centa-cubic feet) for the current period.

Liberty will convert the volume consumed into energy consumed using a Gigajoule (GJ) Conversion Factor. This factor represents the average energy content contained in each cubic metre (or centa-cubic feet) of natural gas. The conversion factor used for each bill will be based on the average daily energy content of natural gas received during the billing period.


If, for any period, a meter fails to register the quantity of gas supplied, then the quantity supplied during the period will be estimated based on the average daily volume registered by the new meter, or on the quantity of gas previously used during a corresponding period in the previous year.

Late Payments

Payments must be made in full no later than the due date shown on your bill. A late payment charge of 1.5% will be applied to any outstanding balance after the due date.


Liberty Utilities respects customer privacy. We are committed to maintaining high standards of confidentiality and protection of your personal information. If you have any questions regarding our use of your information, please refer to our privacy policy at www.libertyutilities.com.

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