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You may like to keep things toasty while your spouse likes to keep things crisp. Comfort is an important part of your home life. Natural gas heating can provide the right amount of warmth and comfort to make your house feel like a home. Natural gas is more reliable than electricity and cleaner than oil, making it the obvious choice for home heating. It is a safe alternative to modern energy sources and with natural gas heating you can control the temperature in each room of your house. You’ll never be too cold or too hot when you take advantage of natural gas heating.

Heating choices for your home

Ductless Wall Furnace

You may currently have electric baseboard heating in your home. You may also be fed up seeing your energy bill go through the roof every month. Save your roof, your finances and bring comfort home when you switch to natural gas heating. Try the Rinnai ductless natural gas wall furnace without installing ductwork. With a direct vent wall furnace you’ll get rid of those weird cold spots that make you feel like your house in haunted by the ghosts of bad heating choices. Rinnai units are small, convenient and cost-effective. More information here.

Forced Air Furnace

Dry air is the worst. It hurts your eyes, nose and ears. Spend less time at the ENT specialist and more time at home breathing with ease when you switch to a natural gas forced air furnace. Forced air furnace models provide energy savings, convenience and of course, maximum comfort.


Turn on the warmth – literally – with a natural gas fireplace. You don’t even need a chimney to add a natural gas fireplace to your house. Unlike a traditional wood fireplace, natural gas models distribute heat indoors where you need it instead of letting it escape outside where only raccoons and birds can take advantage of it.

Hot water (Hydronic) Boilers

Natural gas boilers give you the right amount of heat when you want it. Highly efficient with controls that allow you to vary the heat output, these boilers are also energy savers that never overheat. New technologies let you become the heat whisperer in your home because natural gas boilers are safe, effective and put you in control of exactly how much warmth you want to experience at a time.

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Big family? Not a big deal!

When it comes to hot water, less is never good. Get more hot water when you want it with a natural gas water heater. Natural gas water heaters work up to 63% faster than their electric cousins which equals more hot water for you and your family in less time. Natural gas water heaters allow you to do something that every homeowner dreams of: run multiple appliances like your dishwasher and washing machine at the same time. Get high-performance, high-efficiency with natural gas and streamline your home life. No really, you can shower while your dishwasher is running. It’s a dream come true.

Try any of these commonly used natural gas appliances:

Tank-type Water Heaters

Canadians love their tank-type water heaters. These water heaters are the most common in the country and are made of a gas burner. Tank-type water heaters can be found in the 115–litre capacity range all the way to the 230-litre range. With a natural gas tank-type water heater you are guaranteed hot water quickly and in greater quantities than an electrical storage water heater model.

Indirect Water Heaters

Indirect water heaters do exactly what their names indicates: they indirectly heat your water by making use of the heat generated by your central home heating boiler. They work by heating water in an unfired glass-lined or stainless steel storage tank and are safe, efficient and ready with hot water whenever you need it.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters have no tank. This is obvious, but what’s not obvious is how effective tankless water heaters are. These heaters heat water quickly reducing the amount of time you have to wait after running cold water. Think of it this way, you run the cold water tap to wash some fruit, then decide to run the hot water tap to wash your hands. Hot water gets produced as you run the tap, it will always be available.

Natural gas water heating technology offers many benefits such as:

  • Hot water that never runs out – shower while you run the dishwasher
  • High efficiency
  • Space saving – you can get wall-mounted units
  • Less damage to your floors, walls and furniture because there is less chance of leakage

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Cook like a pro and be the master chef of your home.


The best chefs in the world are natural gas lovers. They prefer cooking with natural gas ranges because the flame produced is more direct and easy to control. Moreover, cooktops can be lit manually if you experience a power failure. Dare we say that food cooked over natural gas ranges actually tastes better? Yes, we dare!


Extend grill season with a natural gas barbecue and invite your neighbours over for perfectly cooks steaks all winter long. With a natural gas powered barbecue you’ll never deal with propane and low tanks again because it is connected directly to your home’s natural gas distribution system. Your barbecue may live on your backyard patio but it’s definitely a big warm part of your home.

Visit Liberty Utilities Connect to Comfort website for the best deals on a wide selection of natural gas appliances. Browse from the comfort of your home, for the comfort of your home. 


Take inside warmth outdoors with natural gas

Pool Heaters

Who says you can’t swim in October? Take relaxation to the next level with natural gas pool heaters. Lounge, do laps and create your own personal spa when you heat your pool with natural gas.

Patio Space Heaters

Grab a book and glass of wine and keep patio season going all year round. Enjoy your patio on those cooler days and nights, from spring to fall. Liberty Utilities lets you turn every season into patio season.


Clothes Dryers

Fold less, wear more with natural gas. Take comfort in softer, fluffier laundry that dries in half the time of a conventional dryer. With a natural gas dryer, your laundry is dry in no time because the dryer reaches maximum heat quickly. Plus, there is no static cling and because higher humidity decreases wrinkling, saving you time and money.

Home Comfort Add-Ons

Mix and match your comfort with natural gas. Combine the energy efficiency of a natural gas forced air furnace with other natural gas systems to produce better conditions for you and your family. Breathe better in winter with natural gas because it won’t dry out the air in your home. You can equip your system with filters that further purify that air and help eliminate dust particles.

Central Air Conditioning is the coolest! Keep your home cool in the summer and get rid of that damp feeling other air conditioners bring. Natural gas AC offers you the ability to keep your home cool during the hottest of days, and in the process of cooling, dehumidify the air to maintain optimum humidity levels inside your home.

Humidifiers makes your home comfortable when it’s so humid outside it’s almost desert-like. Natural gas humidifiers provide a cost-effective way to maintain optimum humidity levels inside your home during the winter and summer when you need it the most.

Electronic Air Cleaners offer excellent air cleaning capabilities, reducing air-borne contaminant levels for a more comfortable indoor experience. It’s your home, not the bottom of the dirty broom. Keep unwanted particles and dust out of your home with electronic air cleaners attached to your natural gas furnace.

HEPA filters take air cleaning to a higher level for those households where air quality is a high priority. Say hip-hip-HEPA-ray when you install one of these natural gas filters in your home. Clean air is the best air and who says you can’t have what’s best with natural gas?

Equipment Manufacturers

There is an abundance of natural gas appliance manufacturers out there. Which brand is right for your home? The list of manufacturers below will give you options to choose from to use natural gas throughout your house.

A.O Smith
Easy Radiant
Heat & Glo
New York Thermal (Sussex)

Rheem Manufacturing Company
Riello Canada
Roberts Gordon
Superior Boiler Works
Slant Fin Boilers
Thermal Solutions
Valor Fireplaces
Vermont Castings
York International Corporation