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Change can be liberating!

With the new and improved My Account, you will be able to:

  • View and pay your bill online. 
  • Soon, you’ll also be able to access My Account on your smartphone through a mobile app.
  • Choose your account notification preferences – email or text message – and when you want to receive them.
  • Sign up for Paperless Billing which allows you to view and pay your bills securely online.
  • You will be able to set up automatic payments using your bank account, so you’ll never miss a payment.
  • View your usage with easy-to-read graphs, helping you better manage your usage and save on your next bill.

New Bill

Alongside the launch of the new My Account experience, you’ll notice a new, easier-to-read bill. The new bill will have an enhanced usage graph and key information will be easier to find. View a sample of our new bill template:

Some important things to know as we transition to the new system:

  • Your account number is changing with the new system. If you have bill pay set up with your bank’s online bill pay system, you need to change it to reflect the new account number.
  • Your October bill could be delayed. If this is the case, your payment due date will be adjusted to allow the standard amount of time to pay.
  • Your Pre-authorized Payments will continue uninterrupted. 
  • For those who may have Paperless Billing, Pre-authorized Payments, or a My Account profile, please reference the table below for how we are supporting this transition:



Paperless Billing Customers

Your Paperless Billing will continue uninterrupted. 

A new My Account profile will be created on your behalf.


To complete the setup of your new My Account profile you will receive an email notification on or after October 3 requesting you to reset your password. 


To reset your password simply follow the instructions provided in the email. 


Need help completing your My Account profile set up? Click below for a step-by-step guide walking you through the process of setting up your My Account. 


My Account Set Up Guide >>


Current My Account Customers

On October 3 we retired our current My Account service in order to launch an all new and improved My Account experience. 


If you are a previous My Account customer and do not have Pre-authorized Payments or Paperless Billing, you will be required to set up a new My Account profile: 

  • On or after October 3, go to Libertyenergyandwater.com and select New Brunswick and community from the drop down menus. Click Enter.  
  • Select My Account Log in/Sign Up. Then select the “Don’t have a MyAccount? Register” hyperlink. 
  • Follow the prompts to complete the registration. 

More exciting and positive changes are on the way and you will hear from us soon. 

Have questions: 

  1. Is my account number changing? 
    Yes. Your account number will change with the system change in October 2022. When you receive your new bill in October 2022, reference your new account number in the top left. It is important to note that to accommodate this change we will temporarily manage payments across all accepted payment methods with your old account number. We do ask that you work to change your old account number to the new account number at your earliest convenience.   
  2. With my account number changing, am I required to change anything for my recurring payment I have set up through my bank? 
    If you have bill pay set up through your bank’s online payment service, you will need to log into that service to edit the payee information for Liberty and enter your new account number. 

    If you require your new account number before you receive your October bill, contact us at: 1-800-994-2762. 
  3. Am I able to make a payment with my old account number if I do not know what my new account number is? 
    Temporarily, yes. After our systems have switched over on October 3, we will manage payments across all accepted payment methods with either account number for a few months but do ask that you work to change your old account number to the new account number at your earliest convenience. 
  4. Am I required to sign up for My Account to make one-time payments online? 
    No. You will not be required to sign up for My Account to make one-time payments online.    
  5. Am I required to sign up for My Account to register for Paperless Billing?  
    Yes. You are required to sign up for My Account to receive Paperless Billing.  

    If you were a previous Paperless Billing customer, a new MyAccount profile will be created on your behalf. You will receive an e-mail to complete the set up process. 
  6. Will my bill history be available in My Account? 
    The My Account system will build history going forward and you will have access to bills online beginning with your October 2022 bill. 
  7. Is your mobile app compatible with tablets? 
    No. At present the mobile app will be available on smartphones. Tablets will be able to access My Account from the tablet’s web browser. 
  8. Which web browsers are supported by MyAccount? 
    The supported web browsers include the latest Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari mobile, Chrome mobile. 

    For mobile OS devices (Apple and Google approved devices only): iOS and Android. 
  9. Are there any expected changes to the Equalized Payment Plan? 
    Our Equalized Payment Plan will run as it does today with a review at six months. The only change with our new system is that there will also be a review at nine months.