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Not only does natural gas provide cozy home-heating, but it gives you more control for cooking, and creates wonderful outdoor experiences through directly-connected barbecues and patio heating. Natural gas gives you access to the most modern home appliances (stoves, dryers, etc.) in the market. It’s a clean, efficient and comfortable form of heating and energy for your home, which keeps running during storms and outages - when electricity stops.

It even saves you money compared to other energy sources. Turn your house into a home with natural gas.


Natural gas is an economical alternative to other energy sources because, by design, the rates are lower than electricity and oil. Heating, charging and running your home shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg - keep your limbs for flipping burgers on your natural gas-powered barbecue.


Natural gas burns cleaner than any other fossil fuel and is low in greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing natural gas today, you are paving the environmentally-friendly way to a cleaner and greener tomorrow. Plus, you get bragging rights about how sustainable your home is.


Natural gas is one of the safest energy sources available. It’s one of the reasons why most hospitals and schools opt for this energy. When your appliances are well-installed and regularly-maintained you can enjoy all the benefits of natural gas without worry. You have other things to worry about at home, like who ate the last pancake that you cooked to perfection on your natural gas stove.


Cooking with natural gas gives your food the full flavour you deserve. Why should you settle for bland when you can cook restaurant-worthy dishes on your natural gas powered stove? Natural gas provides more control over the cooking process which is why master chefs prefer it to traditional stoves and burners. As for the other chefs out there, they’re too busy sweating over a deep fryer.


Heating your home with natural gas is the cozier alternative because it warms up quicker than alternative energy sources. With natural gas energy you’ll never run out of hot water in the shower, your meals will be cooked just right and each room’s temperature will be exactly the way you like it. So go ahead and run that dishwasher while someone’s in the shower, and live every homeowner’s dream.


You can always count on natural gas. Whether the sun is shining, the wind is blowing or the snow is falling, natural gas can still operate your heat and hot water appliances, even when the power is out. Just because there’s a storm raging outside, doesn’t mean you can’t be warm inside.