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General Inquiries and Customer Service

Call 1-800-994-2762 (Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.) or email us.


For Emergencies, call 1-800-994-2762 and press option #1.

Call Before You Dig

To arrange for a free line locate call 1-866-344-5463. We require 72 hours notice so don’t forget to give us a ring!

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Convert your home to natural gas in four easy steps.

Step 1 – Contact Enbridge Gas New Brunswick

We will confirm if natural gas is available in your neighborhood and will arrange an appointment with one of our representatives to visit your home.

There are 3 ways to contact us: 

You can phone us at 1-800-994-2762, email us at, or complete the online form.

Step 2 – Home Consultation

An Enbridge Gas New Brunswick representative will give you a free, no-obligation estimate of what it will cost to convert your home’s heat and hot water system to natural gas. 

If you are on a street that currently has natural gas, and decide to convert both your heat and hot water systems to natural gas (or consumption is at least 30 GJ's per year), Enbridge Gas New Brunswick will install up to 30 metres of natural gas service line from the street to your home at no cost.

Step 3 – Sign Application

Upon approval of the estimate, you will be required to sign a Natural Gas Application (for installation of the service line to your home and installation of the meter) and a Sales Agreement (for your natural gas equipment and conversion).

Step 4 – Service Line and Meter Installation

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick will facilitate the installation of your service line and meter for your conversion.

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick will also install your meter for free on the exterior of your home (2 metres past the front of your home or beyond 2 metres where the closest acceptable point is).  Requests for alternative locations that require additional metres of service line will be charged $32 per metre.