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Rental Program


The installation or repair of a natural gas furnace or water heater represents a major and sometimes unexpected expense. By choosing to rent your natural gas equipment, you will enjoy many benefits:

  • Zero up-front cost.
  • As long as you are renting, everything is guaranteed! Maintenance and repair are taken care of by Liberty, at no cost to you.
  • Our technicians are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Safe installations that meet government standards.

The best part is, you can rent for as low as:

Natural Gas Water Heater $ 19.99 / month
Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater $ 39.99 / month
Natural Gas Direct Vent Wall Furnace $ 35.99 / month
Natural Gas Furnace $ 54.99 / month
Natural Gas Boiler $ 89.99 / month

*Some additional charges may be required on non-standard installations.

You are eligible for a natural gas equipment if:

  • You are a new or existing residential customer
  • You are a landlord (in the case where a customer holds the natural gas bill, the landlord will be billed monthly for the rental charges)


Is there a problem with one of your natural gas appliances? Our qualified technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach us at 1-800-994-2762A technician will come to your home, usually within four hours. However, depending on the weather and the nature of the incoming calls, some requests may be given priority.

If the situation resolves itself while you are waiting for our technician, or if you have to go out, please call us immediately to cancel or reschedule the appointment.

Ready to rent? For any additional questions, please call us at 1-800-994-2762 !

Equipment Available for Rent


  • Two Stage Furnace with variable-speed motor
  • Direct Vent Ductless Furnace


  • Tank Type Water Heater
  • Tankless Water Heater
  • Indirect Storage Tank


  • Condensing Boiler
  • Combination Boiler



  • Thanks to flexible mounts and better vibration damping, the furnace is remarkably quiet: up to 4.5 dB quieter than most such appliances.
  • The variable-speed motor offers soft start-up. Motor speed increases gradually in response to your needs.
  • The variable-speed furnace has a 96% energy efficiency rating.
  • Its DC fan motor uses less energy, saving you considerable amounts on your hydro bill.


  • Provides both savings and increased comfort 
  • A perfect replacement option for existing electric baseboards
  • Certified as a furnace
  • Fast installation: No ductwork means an easier installation
  • Efficient technology that saves energy and money
  • Consistent, even heating. A variable speed blower circulates warm air evenly throughout the room, for consistent warmth 
  • A reliable, low-maintenance product that features a durable stainless steel heat exchanger 

Water Heaters


  • With an electrically operated blower system to exhaust combustion gases, a power vent water heater and its vent pipe can be installed almost anywhere in your home.
  • No chimney is required; the water heater uses a through-the-wall PVC vent pipe.
  • A natural gas water heater heats water twice as fast as an electric unit.


  • Can help reduce your water heating energy usage by up to 40%
  • 95-96% efficient
  • Save space: These wall units are the size of a suitcase, taking up less space for heating and more for living.
  • Earth-friendly: Efficient technology that helps conserve water
  • You can add a re-circulate option, no more waiting for hot water


  • Available to be paired with your existing or new boiler
  • High-quality stainless steel construction to provide reliability
  • When combined with a high efficiency boiler, it can provide a virtually endless amount of domestic hot water



  • If you have an older inefficient boiler, you could see energy savings up to 40% per year due to the increased efficiency
  • 95% efficient
  • High efficiency stainless steel boiler
  • Easy to install and service
  • Fully modulating with up to 11:1 turndown
  • Available in a combi version (heat and hot water)

Natural Gas Appliance Rental FAQ

Will the rental rates change over time?

While all efforts are made to keep rental rates down, increases may happen from time to time. For details, please refer to the Rental Contract.

Why is a natural gas water heater more expensive to rent than an electric water heater?

A natural gas water-heating appliance is more expensive to buy than an electric water heater, so the cost to rent a natural gas water heater is higher as well. However, one of the main advantages of a natural gas water heater is its ability to produce large quantities of hot water very quickly. A natural gas water heater recovers twice as fast as an electric heater.

Am I covered if my equipment needs to be serviced or replaced?

Rental equipment will be serviced at no charge for normal wear and tear. Service calls that are deemed beyond normal wear and tear by the Service Technician could be subject to a service charge.

You will need to sign a new rental contract when the appliance is replaced.

For details, please refer to the Rental Contract. 

What if I do not want to continue renting?

If you decide to discontinue renting during the lifespan of the equipment (15 years for water heaters, 18 years for heating appliances), you will be required to buy out the remaining value of your rental contract.

You can also purchase your equipment at its depreciated value at any point during your rental contract.

What if I move?

The equipment covered by your rental agreement is transferable to the next homeowner should you decide to sell your home or business. An assignment and assumption form will be provided by the Liberty Customer Experience Department so that the agreement can be transferred to the new homeowner.

Who installs the rental equipment?

Liberty will hire a licensed installation contractor to install the equipment, at no charge to the customer, for standard installations.

Ready to rent? For any additional questions, and to set up your account with Liberty please call us at 1-800-994-2762.