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Whether your client is considering buying a newly constructed or soon-to-be built home, or an existing one that might need some work, natural gas can enhance their home’s comfort, energy efficiency and resale value.

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Selling the Benefits of Natural Gas

Reliable and convenient: Natural gas lets you run your home the way you want.

Natural gas is efficient: It is delivered to your client’s home through an underground pipeline, providing them with an uninterrupted, continuous supply. No tank means no waiting for scheduled deliveries and no chance of fuel spills. Your client won’t have the eyesore of a tank in their yard or basement because natural gas is distributed directly to their home via a natural gas pipeline.

Environmentally friendly: Natural gas is a low emission fuel. As the cleanest burning fossil fuel, natural gas creates less greenhouse emissions that could contribute to climate change than heating oil or electricity generated from coal or heavy oil. And with high efficiency natural gas space heating and hot water heating appliances operating at up to 98% efficiency, natural gas not only helps your client save money, but also helps save the environment.

Comfortable: Natural gas turns every house into a home. Natural gas will also add instant warmth to your client’s living space. By choosing natural gas your clients will be making the choice to be more comfortable. With instant heat and a constant fuel supply, they’ll never have cold feet or a cold shower again.

Savings: With natural gas you pay less for energy. Natural gas is the smart way to heat a home, and the least expensive, because Liberty Utilities provides annual target savings of 20% compared to oil and electricity – although your client’s individual savings can vary depending on consumption, efficiency gains, or fuel costs.

A better investment: Light on the wallet and light on the environment. Buying a home with natural gas heat, water heat and other appliances or converting a home to natural gas can pay dividends down the road. A natural gas fireplace, kitchen range, water heater, barbecue and other appliances can help make a property more desirable.

Promote Natural Gas Homes

Liberty Utilities offers resources for real estate agents that can help further communicate the benefits of buying a natural gas home. From brochures to neighborhood signage to educational presentations and co-op advertising, Liberty Utilities can provide the tools you need to market your homes and promote the benefits of natural gas!

For more information

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The Competitive Edge

  • Know the benefits of natural gas so you can inform your clients.
  • Know which residential areas have access to natural gas.
  • Know how natural gas can make homes more energy efficient.
  • Be able to show how the investment in natural gas can mean more energy savings for your clients.