Enbridge Reminds Customers to Stay Safe by Keeping Natural Gas Meters, Pipes and Exhaust Vents Clear

With stormy weather consistently hitting us in the southern New Brunswick this winter, Enbridge Gas New Brunswick is concerned that not all natural gas customers understand their safety responsibilities in winter conditions. The utility would like to advise customers that a buildup of ice and snow on customers’ meters, gas pipes and appliance exhaust vents could lead to the interruption of the natural gas supply, faulty appliance performance, or even worse - a hazardous situation.

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick Reminds Customers about Gas Equipment Safety

With stormy weather hitting southern New Brunswick today, Enbridge Gas New Brunswick is reminding customers to be prepared for potential flooding and to keep ice from building up on their natural gas meters to avoid interruption of natural gas supply, faulty appliance performance and hazardous situations.

Let’s build an integrated energy framework

There’s a lot of money in North America’s energy markets these days – and almost none of it is being invested here, in New Brunswick. We need to change that, and we need to change it fast.

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick launches Enbridge NB Answers website

On Monday, October 6, 2014 Enbridge Gas New Brunswick launched, a question and answer website where customers can get simple answers to all their questions about New Brunswick’s public natural gas distribution utility and natural gas.

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick’s 2014 Rates Approved

Yesterday, the New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board issued an Order approving the natural gas distribution rate schedule recently filed by Enbridge Gas New Brunswick as part of its 2014 Rate Application.

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick Reminds Customers About Winter Safety

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick launched its Winter Safety campaign this month to remind customers to take special care and attention with natural gas equipment that’s exposed to the elements during the cold winter months. A buildup of ice and snow could lead to the interruption of the natural gas supply, faulty appliance performance or even a hazardous situation.

ENGB employees partner with Ducks Unlimited Canada for nest-box building blitz

During a weekend nest-box building blitz led by DUC, Enbridge Gas New Brunswick employees recently volunteered, along with their families, to construct new nest boxes. The boxes will replace and replenish some of the 2,000 boxes DUC has placed in the region since it launched its Nest Box Stewardship Program in 1984.

Reading Buddies

It was another successful year for the Reading Buddies Program at Nashwaaksis Memorial School. Enbridge Gas New Brunswick and Frontier College partnered to create a successful reading program helping Kindergarten students learn the basics of literacy and numeracy.

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