Besoin d’un entrepreneur?

How to find a natural gas contractor

Most people find entrepreneurs by word of mouth. Consider your local business association members, or your local business improvement area. You can also find in the yellow pages under "Heating Contractors" or "Natural Gas Contractors". 

Finally, you can also simplify your life and choose one of Enbridge's authorized contractors.

Enbridge Authorized Contractors

The following natural gas contractors are called by Enbridge Gas New Brunswick:

Greater Fredericton Area

Degree Technologies

139 Route 105
Lower Saint Mary's E3A 8P8

Such. : 506-472-2665



ET Mechanical

85 Sunset Drive 
Fredericton, New Brunswick E3A 1A2

Such. 506-444-4663 

Greater Moncton Area

Bob's Heating & Cooling

70 A Loftus Street
Moncton, New Brunswick

Such. 506-857-3217
Saint John

E-Zee Gas Services

40 Jadvo Street
Saint John, New Brunswick E2N 0A2

Such. : 506-650-0932

All Enbridge Authorized Contractors are:

  • Accredited and registered with Public Safety New Brunswick;
  • ISNET certified;
  • Trained, with personal service and operations, to perform procedures in accordance with stringent standards and codes for the distribution of natural gas, up to the inspection of equipment in individual homes and buildings;
  • Authorized to install and maintain equipment and appliances as part of Enbridge's rental program. 
  • Supported by Enbridge's excellent safety record and experience in safely and reliably delivering natural gas to homes and businesses.

All Enbridge representatives carry a visible ID card

If an Enbridge representative is to visit you, he or she will carry a prominent identification card with the Enbridge logo, the representative's name and photo, and the name of the company for which he or she works. If Enbridge or Enbridge, Enbridge authorized contractor

  • Do not let the person enter;
  • Do not provide billing information for your natural gas services (an Enbridge representative will never ask to see your bill);
  • Do not sign any document; 
  • You can also contact us for more information.

How do you know if a contractor is qualified to install or work on natural gas equipment?

In New Brunswick, HVAC contractors must be accredited and registered with Public Safety New Brunswick. 

If you have chosen a contractor, you can check it at Public Safety New Brunswick at 506-453-2740, Monday to Friday, 8:15 am and 4:30 pm (except holidays) .

Questions to ask entrepreneurs

Before asking for an estimate for the work to be done, ask:

  • Of which professional association (s) they are members;
  • Their number of years of experience;
  • Warranties on maintenance, equipment and labor;
  • Liability insurance coverage offered;
  • What are the proposed financing or leasing programs, if you plan to use them?
  • Local references that you can call to ask if the contractor has done well.
  • The answers to these questions will give you a better idea of ​​the company.