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Real family, real holiday!

It's been great getting to know our amazing Real Family, the Deans!

Not only are we seeing them enjoy real savings  on natural gas, they're delightful people to be around! Dad Trevor is kind and thoughtful. Mom Janet is hilarious and creative. Sutter is a awesome combination of his Mom and Dad, and with such a great family, baby Lennon is sure to turn out to be an amazing young lady!

We want to thank them for letting us into their lives (and for their business!) and wish them the happiest, most joyful season -- It's Lennon's first Christmas!

We're sure that Sutter, the gingerbread man expert, is showing her a great time.

We can't wait to see what 2019 holds in store for the Deans! Stay tuned for more updates from their #NaturalGasLife!

Happy Holidays to Trevor, Janet, Sutter and Lennon, from your friends at Enbridge!