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The Perfect Steak

Here are a few grilling tips to ensure you have a perfect steak every time:

  1. Preheat your grill (barbeque) to approximately 260˚C or 500˚F
  2. Allow your steak to stand at room temperature for approximately 20 minutes before grilling.
  3. Lightly brush your steak with extra virgin olive oil or cooking oil. This will assist in searing your steak and get you great grill marks.
  4. Cook until desired doneness.    
  5. Always use tongs or a spatula to turn your steaks. Never pierce your steaks as this will allow the natural juices to escape causing the steak to lose flavor and juiciness.
  6. Season your steak when it is nearly cooked to desired doneness.  Most seasonings contain salt which, if applied prior to cooking, will draw out the natural juices and cause steak to lose flavor.
  7. Enjoy!

With great grilling, comes great responsibility. Natural gas barbecues are some of the most dependable, but there are still some safety tips to keep in mind for a season of good eats.

  • Never smoke or light a match while checking connections.
  • Turn off the natural gas supply valve when you’re checking connections
  • Never use a barbecue inside – it should be outdoors, on level ground, out of the wind and away from combustible materials.
  • A natural gas supplied barbecue should have a shut off valve in addition to any control valves on the barbecue itself. This shut off valve must be turned off after each use of the barbecue to prevent leakage.

A certified contractor can install, service, or repair your natural gas barbecue. We wish you a safe summer of perfectly seared steaks, enjoyed with bright skies and good company!