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Did it for the ducks

On Friday June 15th, a team of seven Enbridge employees in Fredericton ducked out of work (pun intended!) at 8:30 a.m. to explore the wetlands of Tracy, New Brunswick with our friendly neighborhood “duck guy,” Frank,  from Ducks Unlimited.

Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC)  is an organization dedicated to conserving wetlands and other natural spaces for waterfowl, wildlife and people, and Enbridge is a proud supporter. Here in New Brunswick, Enbridge supports DUC’s Project Webfoot - an elementary school program for children from the grades 4 to 6. Kids get to discover what slithers, swims and hops in wetlands as part of this unique program. They learn about it in the classroom and get to connect with nature through wetland field trips and hands-on learning.

We headed out and expected to just help install duck nest boxes in trees close to the water (as seen in the photo). We didn’t realize how much we were going to learn about wildlife and conservation in the process!

We saw all kinds of wildlife, like a baby deer lying in the foliage. We learned he was playing dead because we scared him. Frank told us that when you run into a mother deer and her fawn, the mother will hide her baby and run away, so we hung the nest quickly and cleared out so the mother could return.  We spotted frogs, squirrels, and lots of mosquitos… but, oddly enough, no ducks!

It was a very hot and rewarding day.  After we hung up all  seven of our nests and proudly left the woods with a few extra mosquito bites each, we made our way to the Picaroons Roundhouse to enjoy some burgers, fish, and cold water!

Thank you to Frank and the DUC team for making learning and volunteering so much fun!

Nicholas Brown
Marketing & Communications Assistant