When it comes to choosing an energy source, natural gas is one that can fuel your whole life. From home to business, it offers benefits like ease of use, savings upfront and on your bottom line. Just ask Craig McElroy. As Senior Engineer and Vice President of Colpitts Developments, he regularly recommends natural gas for their residential and commercial projects. He knows it’s the smart choice, since he’s been a customer of Liberty Utilities for years, with natural gas in many of his own homes.

In Craig’s most recent home build, he was looking for a system that combined natural gas with air conditioning. With the help of the team at Liberty Utilities, he installed an air-to-air heat pump with a natural gas furnace for backup. The system worked flawlessly, overcoming bitter New Brunswick winters, with Craig never spending more than $400 a month on heating bills. It’s through these types of innovative projects that Craig is able to bring his experience and expertise to Colpitts Developments. 

“We have been putting natural gas in our developments over the past decade. I’ve always promoted it to people as a cost-effective option to create a comfortable home,” McElroy states. 

With understanding of natural gas at both a residential and business level, McElroy values the relationship between himself, his business, and the team here at Liberty Utilities. “We’ve always had lots of contact and good information whenever there are any deals or incentive programs coming out. We know our account managers by name and have a great working partnership.”

Like with Craig, we’re looking to build a partnership with you and your business. More business owners are making the smart choice to switch to natural gas, and now it’s never been easier. For a limited time, our Commercial Incentive Program is offering up to $50,000 to help with the costs of upgrading. 

Contact us today to start thinking smarter about the energy your business needs.